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Invitation from the Organizing Committee

Dear Esteemed colleagues,

It is my privilege and honor to extend an invitation to you for the 17th Annual meeting of Cerebro-vascular Society of India to be held on 16th &17th of September 2017. On the behalf of neurosciences community of New Delhi & NCR, I look forward to your participation in this annual congress.

The national capital is known for its cosmopolitan character, and cultural diversity. It is well connected by air, rail, and road. The venue of meeting is Hotel Taj Vivanta, Dwarka, Sector 21 New Delhi.

Cerebrovascular science and practice is a special sub-specilaity of Neurosurgery, which is ever evolving with increasing precision and striving to achieve better outcomes. In last two decades endovascular neurosurgery has contributed immensely to the treatment many challenging diseases. In the last five years or so progress in acute stroke management has undergone tremendous transformation as never seen before.

Our society was one of the early ones to recognize growing impact of endovascular neurosurgery and brace this emerging trend. Hence the theme chosen for this meeting is “Cerebrovascular science emerging horizons”.

This meeting will be preceded by three workshops on 15th September 2017, cadaveric, skill lab, and one on endovascular neurosurgery at GB Pant Hospital, Delhi.

I assure you on the behalf of organizing team that your participation will be memorable.

Dr Vikas Gupta
Organizing Secretary


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